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HAGz® Universal Lock

J3 Outdoorz

  • $ 2699


The HAGz® Universal Lock works on a variety of materials, allowing it to be used for a wide range of fur bearers.

The multiple holes & heavy-duty design allows the HAGz® Universal Lock to be used as a drowner lock for water sets or as a slide lock for land sets

Designed for beaver, otter, coyote, fox, raccoon, etc. 

Locks on:

✧1/2" rebar ✧1/2" fiberglass rods ✧3/8" rebar ✧3/8" fiberglass rods
✧#2 machine chain ✧1/0 twin loop chain ✧3/32"-1/8" cable ✧14ga-9ga wire

Weighs 1.81 Oz./ea.

✦Made in the USA

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