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HAGz® Universal Lock

J3 Outdoorz

  • $ 2899


The HAGz® Universal Lock works on a variety of materials, allowing it to be used for a wide range of fur bearers.

The multiple holes & heavy-duty design allows the HAGz® Universal Lock to be used as a drowner lock for water sets or as a slide lock for land sets

Designed for beaver, otter, coyote, fox, raccoon, etc. 

Locks on:

✧1/2" rebar ✧1/2" fiberglass rods ✧3/8" rebar ✧3/8" fiberglass rods
✧#2 machine chain ✧#2 twin loop chain ✧3/32"-1/8" cable ✧14ga-9ga wire

Weighs 1.81 Oz./ea.

✦Made in the USA

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FAQ on #2 Machine Chain:

    1. Will any #2 machine chain work with the HAGz
  1. ® Universal Locks? NO - You will find differences with cheap (Chinese primarily) chain being too big to fit through the lock smoothly. This is commonly due to cheap chain having a sloppy assembly method for closing the links. 
  2. Is #2 and 2/0 the same thing? NO, that’s two entirely different sizes.
  3. Where’s the best place to get chain? In our opinion, trapping supply companies. Trapping supplies are generally much cheaper than big box or hardware stores... plus why not support our fellow trappers ?🙂

We have found that MB #2 chain from MTP or #2 USA Select/Quality chain from FNT to work perfectly.…/…/MB2CH-01/…/+2+Straight+Link+Select+Quality+C…

NOTE: Our HAGz Universal Locks are manufactured with very little excess room between the lock and chain, so using the appropriate chain is crucial. Our locks are manufactured in this manner so they lock just as aggressive and positive on #2 chain as they do fiberglass or rebar.

Best of trapping,


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael Bryant

I have trapped for over 50 years and have used several different locks, slide wires, and drowning systems. This lock works great for everything and every situation.

Ryan Rowe
Awesome product

I use the multi-lock when trapping in the ditches of the road. I have my trap attached to 50ft of cable staked on each end with the multi-lock. When I make a catch the animal drags the trap to the end of the cable out of sight and can’t come back towards the road. This bracket is awesome and very tough.

David McLellan
Great heavy drowning lock!

You want to drown quickly and humanely? Here it is! Put snare on rebar for beaver and done deal! Awesome!