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HAGz® Spring Clip

J3 Outdoorz

  • $ 1499

HAGz® Spring Clip - Body Grip Stabilizer for 160's and smaller on 3/8 rods

Designed to work by itself on 3/8" rods or in conjunction with the HAGz® Bracket for extreme versatility. Small and non-intrusive, the HAGz® Spring Clip is inserted through the Spring Coils where it remains always attached, never forget it, and it doesn't interfere with spring eye.

Uses gravity to mount/lock in position on 3/8" rods, simply slide it where you want and let go, easily adjustable to any height on the rod making it a very quick and versatile body grip stabilizer.

Use it in conjunction with the HAGz® Bracket to stabilize a Body Grip Trap virtually anywhere (rocks, logs, etc.)

Tip: Double up on catches by using a Spring Clip/Body Grip in a run with a HAGz® Bracket/Baited set up top.

  • Fits 160's and Smaller
  • Weighs .52 Oz./ea.
  • Patented - US Patent # 10,070,641
  • Made in the USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mark Hamlyn
Efficient and Easy

Just like the brackets, attach these to your traps and never worry about forgetting them. You can't make it simpler than setting the trap, placing the stake, and sliding the trap to where you want it. No more pulling the stake to adjust height or having to haul around dozens of wooden lathe stakes. I can set on spots in a matter of seconds in spots it would have taken me minutes to get set up properly. This is basically all I'll use anymore.

Jeff Landuyt
HAGz Brackets and clips

Talk about a game changer! Fast, efficient, versatile... they are a complete system! I used them exclusively on my mink line this year (2016-17), BING BANG BOOM, on down the road to the next set. I have just 36 - 110s but I was able to go farther and set faster because of them. It didn't take long to have all 36 traps set over a 30 mile line. Same goes for my 1-1/2s, I used these with portable pockets and sliders for coon. I'm hooked all the way around!

I will be singing your praises around the campfires during conventions.

Thank you for the great review Jeff, we are glad you are finding the value in them! Maybe one day we will see you around that campfire. Tight Chains, Jeff

Shawn Wienke
excellent product!

This is a brilliant way to stabilize bodygrips! I purchased a dozen at Marshfield trapping convention to try out,now ordering enough to do all my traps! Days of lath and wedges or y sticks are over! Great product that has simplified trap setting for me.I would REALLY like to see this product made for 330's!!

Thanks Shawn, we are glad you are liking the HAGz Spring Clips... PS - Stay tuned for an announcement on a 220/330 version ;)