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Fiberglass Beaver Rods - 8’ x 1/2” SunGuard™ II

J3 Outdoorz

  • $ 8999

 Fiberglass Beaver Rods - 8’ x 1/2” SunGuard™ II Fiberglass Rods

Combine with

HAGz® Beaver Rod Ends and HAGz® Universal Locks for an incredibly light and fast drowning setup for beaver and otter.


  • Size: 1/2" x 8'
  • Color: White
  • 10 year manufacture warranty on SunGuard™ II coating



Unfortunately, rods are expensive to ship : - ( . What you will see at checkout is actual USPS auto generated pricing based on your address. Want to double check the shipping calculator (We encourage it)? Visit to calculate shipping from us (Brooklyn MI 49230) to your address with a package of 97x2.5x2.5 17lbs (per dozen).


From the Manufacturer:

Warranty: 10 year manufactures warranty on the SunGuard II coating that prevents glass slivers on the fiberglass posts.

Unlike metal or wood posts, SunGuard fiberglass posts are:

Maintenance Free:

  • Will not rot
  • Will not rust
  • Will not crack due to cold
  • Flex upon impact
  • Over 2X the strength of equivalent steel pointed tips drive easily

Easy to Install:

  • Lightweight- 71% Lighter than rebar!

Save time, money, and headaches!

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

great product

Bill Phillips
Very effective system

Rods work great. I drilled 1/16" hole on bottom end stop ring and put pins through them. I had 2 pull off when beaver got tangled after being caught. I was able to recover both beaver. Was an easy fix so it wouldn't happen again. I have purchased 3 dozen.
Would recommend to any serious beaver trapper.
I mention them alot on My new YouTube channel OutdoorWilly60. Thank you for a great product.

robert bingemann
Deadly system.

Work great in most scenarios. However there can be a slight improvement. 10' Long rods would be very handy in some situations. Also I think black rods would be preferred to keep people from seeing them. I painted mine. Great product though.

Hi Robert, thanks for your review.
We paint ours too! The coating that's on those rods only comes in white. Good tip!

We have found that a 10' rod will only gain 3-5 more inches at a shallow angle over an 8' rod, and unfortunately, 10' rods can only ship LTL and most people will not spend the $200 + on freight alone.

Dustin Hubach

Only fault is a big beaver can get rod to flex an pull ground steak had it happen twice this year or I had a trap thief but these were in hidden areas

Hi Dustin,
Great point! We encourage all trappers to get the end in the bottom good and use at least a 30' t-bar stake on the top end. It also, depending on your ground, can be beneficial to use a wired/cabled off back up stake or cross stake.

Bob Samuelson
I was skeptical!

Wasn’t sure what to expect, but they worked great!